Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


1. Recitals

1.1. The site https://music4allschool.ro hereinafter referred to as ”the site”, is held and administered by TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L with the following identification date:

Sole identification code: 32107260;

Number with the Trade Register: J40/9842/2013;

Head office: București, Sector 3, Șos. Mihai Bravu, nr. 444, bloc V10, scara 2, etaj 5, ap. 54;

Work point: București, Sector 6, Str. Drumul Sării nr. 31.

1.2. TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L. operates under the brand “Școala de Arte Frumoase Music 4 All School” located in Bucharest, Sector 6, Str. Drumul Sării, nr. 31 and has as object of activity the provision of cultural-musical-educational services oriented towards the stimulation of knowledge, creativity, development and exercise of practical, artistic, literary, musical, plastic, technical skills. The school’s services are aimed at people of all ages. Clients can purchase subscription lessons through the site according to the offer of services provided by the school.

1.3. Before using and making any order through the site https://music4allschool.ro it is necessary to read and comply with the provisions of this section of the Terms and Conditions. On the occasion of purchasing any type of services or subscriptions through the site, distinct from these terms and conditions, a specific contract will be concluded, at a distance, between the Client and the School.

1.4. Browsing the site is equivalent to the reading, understanding and acceptance of the terms below by any User. If you do not agree with any aspect of this section of the Terms and Conditions, please stop using the site.

1.5. Benefiting from our services through the site will only be possible if you agree to the terms and conditions described below. Browsing the site represents your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

1.6. TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L reserves the right to make any changes to the site, terms and conditions. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be notified to users by electronic means.

1.7. Any request regarding the meaning and application of the present terms and conditions, regarding the products and services offered by TP’s Arts Studio SRL, as well as any complaints or notifications may be addressed to the company at the e-mail address: music4allschool@gmail.com or to phone number +40 722 249 540.


2. Definitions

2.1. TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L establishes that the terms listed below will have the following meaning:

  1. Seller / School / Company – TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L – commercial company headquartered in Bucharest, sector 3, Șos. Mihai Bravu, no. 444, block V10, staircase 2, floor 5, ap. 54, registered wth the Trade Register under no. J40 / 9842/2013 and Sole Registration Code 32107260, having an account opened at RO56INGB0000999904343078 IBAN ING BANK;
  2. Website / Online store – website https://music4allschool.ro;
  3. Vizitor – person who accesses the site;
  4. User – a natural or legal person who visits the site and who has accepted the Terms and Conditions below, fulfilling in this respect all the requirements of the registration process;
  5. Client / Buyer – the natural or legal person who holds the quality of User and who places an Order on the site;
  6. Student / Beneficiary – the person, regardless of age, enrolled in one of the courses organized by the School;
  7. Subscription for lessons – the offer of services offered by the School described on the site;
  8. Products and Services – any product / type of lesson subscription mentioned in the Order, to be provided by the Seller to the Customer;
  9. Limited Edition Products / Services – any product / service on the Site that can be purchased in a limited number;
  10. Ad-hoc events – lessons, classes, working groups, workshops organized by the School with specific themes for cultural-musical-educational activities, which are organized irregularly and according to different circumstances;
  11. Specifications – the characteristics of the lesson subscriptions mentioned on the site, such as course type, lesson duration, chosen instrument, number of lessons, etc .;
  12. Product description – the totality of the specifications that refer to a certain subscription of lessons on the site;
  13. Order – an electronic document that intervenes as a form of communication between the Seller and the Client through which the Client expresses his intention to purchase certain Products and Services through the site https://music4allschool.ro and to make their payment;
  14. Contract – The order confirmed by the School, through which the School agrees to sell the Products and Services, and the Client agrees to purchase, receive and pay for these Products and Services. The framework contract is concluded at a distance between the School and the Buyer, without the need for the simultaneous physical presence of the two contracting parties. The framework contract is a separate document from these Terms and Conditions that will be brought to the notice of the Client and concluded by the parties before the completion of the Order.
  15. User / Customer Account – the relationship established between the user and the computer system, which corresponds to a username, formed based on an e-mail address and a password that allows the Client to send the Order and contains information about the Client and his history (orders, );
  16. Content – files, data, images, music, graphics or any other content of the site or associated with the site;
  17. Commercial Communications / Marketing Communications – any communication made by TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L in order to inform the User about the existing offers / promotions regarding the products and services sold (newsletter, push messages and the like);


3. Obligations of the parties

3.1. Obligations of TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L

3.1.1.. Within the limits of the legislation in force and of this document, TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L undertakes an obligation of diligence in providing support and information related to the products and services offered on this site.

3.1.2.. TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L undertakes an obligation of diligence in providing the most accurate and precise information possible regarding the services offered and their specifications.


3.2. User’s Obligations

3.2.1.. The Client undertakes to comply with these conditions and terms below, the existing legislation in Romania and to act in good faith in the relationship with the Seller.

3.2.2.. The Client undertakes to pay for the order immediately after the completion of the Order. In the absence of payment, the Seller has no obligation to the Client and will not confirm the Order placed.

3.2.3.. The Client has the obligation to inform the site through the address provided in art. 1.7 of any situation that affects the way the site operates and any attempted fraud identified.

3.2.4.. The User undertakes not to use or allow any third party to use the service provided by TP’s Arts Studio SRL to send or receive materials that contravene the legal provisions in force or that have obscene, abusive, vulgar, defamatory, offensive content, which infringes any other right of any person or infringes intellectual property rights.


4. Electronic communication

4.1 The School reserves the right to communicate to Users, by electronic means, any information it deems appropriate, both regarding the general activity of the site and commercial offers.

4.2 The School may send communications to Users either directly or through specialized and approved partners to ensure the confidentiality and security of information.

4.3 The School may send electronic communications to Users to notify them of changes to this section of the Terms and Conditions.

4.3 The User will receive marketing communications electronically from TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L only if he / she has previously expressed his / her consent to receive such electronic notifications / communications.

4.4 The User may change his / her option regarding the receipt of electronic communications from the Seller at any time by the following means:

  1. By contacting the site at the address https://music4allschool.ro/contact/;
  2. By changing the settings from the User account;
  3. By accessing the Unsubscribe link displayed in the electronic messages received from the Seller;

4.5 The User’s waiver of receiving any electronic communication from the Seller does not exempt him  / her from complying with these terms and conditions..


5. Intellectual property rights

5.1 The entire content of the Site, including any material bearing intellectual property rights belongs to or is licensed by TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L and is protected by law. The use, without the written consent of TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L, of any of the elements listed above will be sanctioned according to the laws in force.

5.2 Access to the information contained on the Site guarantees the User limited access, in his  / her personal interest, on this site and does not give him / her the right to download or modify in part or in full the site, to reproduce in part or in full the site, to copy, sell or resell, or exploit the site in any other manner, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of TP’s Arts Studio SRL, without its written consent.

5.3 Any partial or total reproduction of the copyrighted materials appearing on the Site will be made only with the prior written consent of TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L.

5.4 Any material bearing intellectual property rights transmitted to the User does not represent the transfer of any right with respect to those materials.

5.5 The user has the non-exclusive right to use the services provided by TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L., and he  / she may not transfer the right of use to another person.

5.6 The use by the site https://music4allschool.ro/ of any registered trademark name is made strictly for the purpose of informing the Users about the collaborators of TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L


6. Site use policies

6.1 Site use

This section is addressed to both Visitors and Users of the site. In case of a purchase by them, the contractual conditions established by the parties through the contract concluded long-distance will prevail.

6.1.1 Access to the Site is allowed to all persons without any restrictions. The purchase of Products and Services may be made by persons with full legal capacity according to the law, and, in the case of minors, by the legal representative or with his / her approval. For justified reasons, the School reserves the right to restrict access to persons on the site, limiting access to certain payment methods, if it is considered that based on the conduct or activity of the User, it could harm in any way TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L.

6.1.2 The communication between the Company and the User may be made by any means of communication existing at this time or which will be invented. TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L has the right to manage in any way it deems appropriate the methods of communication with Users and has the freedom to manage in any way it deems necessary the information received.

6.1.3 In the event that unusual traffic is detected from an internet network, TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L reserves the right to introduce any mechanism to validate the existence of a real person behind each User of the Site.

6.1.4 Users of the Site may make comments and any other communications, may submit suggestions, questions or information, if their language is civilized and the content of the communications is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not disturb in any way other people’s private live, does not infringe intellectual property rights, does not incite racial hatred, does not incite discrimination of any kind, does not contain viruses, does not serve promotional campaigns that are not related to the Site, are not mass e-mails or any other form of spam.

6.1.5 The accounts of the persons who, in relation to the site, will use false identification data, false qualities, fictitious e-mail addresses, will be removed and the deed will be brought to the attention of the competent authorities.

6.1.6 The site does not assume any responsibility for the damages generated as a result of the situation described in art. 6.5.

6.1.7 TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L will be able to carry out any promotional campaign regarding the products displayed on the site, promotions whose conditions will be established in full by TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L.

6.1.8 The promotions presented on the site are valid for the mentioned period of time, and if no period of time is mentioned, they are valid within the available stock.


6.2. Registration of a User account

6.2.1 In order for the Visitor to be able to purchase the services offered through the Site https://music4allschool.ro/  he  / she must create an account on the Site.

6.2.2 In order to register the account, the User must provide verifiable and realistic data. TP’s Arts Studio SRL may refuse the request to register the account when it finds that non-compliant data are used or the provisions of these terms and conditions are violated.

6.2.3 When registering, a username under which you participate in the services offered on the Site will be alloted to you. Later, this username can be changed from the user account, username that is not required to contain your full or real name.

6.2.4 If the chosen username is found to be inappropriate, for example obscene, offensive language or an intellectual property right has been used, TP’s Arts Studio SRL has the unrestricted right to delete it.

6.2.5 The user account cannot be registered without providing the following elements: name, surname, username, e-mail address.

6.2.6 The user has the option to have a profile photo. It is forbidden to upload obscene, racist photos,  that incite to violence or have offensive content. Failure to do so may result in the closure of the account.

6.2.7 The user can create only one personal account on the Site. If it is found that a User uses the services offered through multiple accounts, they will be closed and deleted, and in the future the User may be denied future use of the Site.

6.2.8 The User is responsible for the veracity of the data entered during the registration of the account and for all activities that occur by accessing the account and personal password. TP’s Arts Stidio SRL cannot be held responsible for the errors occurred as a result of the user’s negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of his account and password.

6.2.9 If the User suspects that the security of his account has been compromised, he /she must contact TP’s Arts Studio SRL at the e-mail address indicated in art. 1.7 and make efforts to change the password of his / her account or request the blocking of the access of the person who accesses the Site using his / her account without right.

6.2.10 The Site can only be accessed by the User provided that he / she accepts these terms and conditions and any updates thereof. Without the User’s consent to the latest version of the site’s terms and conditions, access will not be permitted.

6.2.11 By registering as a User on the site, the express consent of the person to be informed by electronic means regarding any update of the terms and conditions of the site is also expressed, and the User may not in any way waive such receipt of communications.


6.3. Placing an order

This section applies only to those Users who purchase products and services through the site. In all cases, the long-distance contract will prevail, concerning the provisions of these terms and conditions.

6.3.1 In order to place an order, the User will create a User Account on the site;

6.3.2 The Client can place Orders on the Site, by filling in the order form and adding the desired products / services to the shopping cart, and in order to complete the Order he / she must choose one of the payment methods indicated in art. 7.5. The completion of the Order will not be possible without completing the mandatory fields in the order form.

6.3.3 Once added to the shopping cart, the chosen product is available for purchase to the extent and quantity set by the School. The addition of a product to the shopping cart, without completing Order, does not entail the registration of an order or implicitly the automatic booking of that product. The completion of the Order will be possible only after the Client has expressed his / her agreement about the conclusion of the Contract between the Parties, brought to his / her knowledge before the finalization of the Order.

6.3.4 By placing the Order, the Client agrees that all data provided by him / her, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true at the time of placing the order. After placing the Order, the School will send the Client an e-mail regarding the registration of the order and, once the processing of the Order has been finished, the Client will receive a new confirmation email.

6.3.5 The School may cancel the order placed by the Client, following a prior notification addressed to him/her, without any subsequent obligation of any party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other party in the following cases:

  1. Non-acceptance of the transfer by the issuing bank of the Client’s card, in case of the payment method by bank transfer;
  2. Invalidation of the transaction through which the payment is made;
  3. The impossibility of the School to provide the purchased services due to the unavailability of collaborating teachers, legal prohibitions, etc.
  4. The data provided by the Client on the Site are incomplete and / or incorrect and / or inconsistent with reality.

6.3.6 By placing the order, the Client agrees to receive invoices in electronic format by e-mail, to the e-mail address mentioned in his / her User Account.


6.4. Concluding a contract remotely

6.4.1 The object of the contract concluded remotely is represented by the provision by the School of the services chosen by the Client and ordered by him / her on the site, with the specifications indicated in the order placed.

6.4.2 The moment of concluding the contract remotely is represented by the moment when the completion of the processing of the order placed by the User on the site is confirmed by the School.

6.4.3 Confirmation of the order placed by the User is made by the School sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address corresponding to the User Account, as well as the Contract concluded between the Parties which can be accessed and downloaded by the Customer from his/her User Account.

6.4.4 The school may refuse to conclude the contract remotely or may terminate such a contract if it finds that the data provided by the Client are incomplete, inaccurate, false.

6.4.5 Confirmation of the order according to art. 6.4.3 will contain the registration number of the order placed by the User, the ordered products, the payment method chosen by the Client, as well as the invoice related to the order in electronic format.

6.4.6 The contract enters into force at the time of confirmation of the order by the School, according to art. 6.4.3 of this section.

6.4.7 The duration of the Contract concluded between the Parties is of 1 year, and the modalities of its extension and / or termination are established in it.

6.4.8 At the time of the purchase of a subscription / package of lessons or an ad-hoc event, the duration of the contract is automatically extended by a period equal to the entire period of validity of the purchased service plus a period of three calendar months calculated since (i) the end of the ad-hoc event / lessons from the chosen subscription; or (ii) the expiry of the period of validity of the purchased service.

6.4.9 The remote contract is in force until the expiration of the term during which the Client can exercise his / her right of withdrawal from the contract, in accordance with art. 7.10 if this right applies to the Buyer. Otherwise, the contract between the parties terminates:

  1. when the object of the Contract as been carried out;
  2. through the agreement of the parties;
  3. at the initiative of the Student or his / her legal representative in the event that the School does not fulfill its specific obligations and does not ensure their fulfillment within 15 days given to the School from the moment of the notice of delay, in writing, by the other party;
  4. by unilateral termination by any Party, through the communication of a written notice observing a notice period of at least 15 days before the date when the effects applicable to the termination at the initiative of the Beneficiary start, respectively a period of notice of at least 1 day applicable to the termination at the initiative of the School;
  5. at the initiative of the School, as a result of the Student’s non-compliance with the obligations undertaken through this contract and if it does not fulfill or does not ensure the fulfillment within 5 days from the delay, in writing, by the School.

6.5. Prices, payment methods and invoicing

6.5.1 The prices displayed on the Site are final and, provided that the Seller must pay VAT, include VAT according to the legislation in force.

6.5.2 The seller makes every effort to ensure that the prices displayed for each product are correct, but, unfortunately, errors may occur as to their accuracy. The Seller reserves the right to correct errors and to inform the Buyer accordingly. The Client has the right to cancel the order for the product affected by the price error.

6.5.3 In the content of the order completion page the Buyer will find the product added to the shopping cart, together with the related price.

6.5.4 Buyers who have a client account on the Seller’s website will be able to change their billing information in the “My Account” section before placing an order.

6.5.5 The Seller will issue to the Buyer an invoice for the purchased products, the Client’s obligation being to provide all the information necessary for the invoice to be issued according to the legislation in force. The Seller will issue the invoice to the Client exclusively in electronic format and only exceptionally, in physical format.

6.5.6 The payment methods accepted by the Seller are:

  1. Banking transfer according to the conditions mentioned in the issued invoice;
  2. Online payment by card.

6.5.7.. If the Buyer opts for online payment by card, at the end of the order he / she will be redirected to the page of the online payment service provider Banca Transilvania. Please read the Terms and conditions of the online payment service provider at the link https://www.bancatransilvania.ro/wallet-bt-pay/termeni-si-conditii-ro/ .

6.5.8 In the case of online payments, the Seller is not responsible for any additional costs incurred by the Client, including but not limited to the currency conversion fees charged by the issuing bank of its card, if the currency of its issuance differs from RON.

6.5.9 The Client bears full responsibility for the commissions applied by the issuing bank of the means of payment used on the Site.

6.5.10 The Buyer bears full responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the billing information provided to the Seller.

6.5.11 The Client has the exclusive obligation to inform the Seller about his / her invoicing data, their modification and any other adjustment necessary for the correct issuance of this document.

6.5.12 The Client has the obligation to pay the value of the Order and / or the invoice issued according to the instructions provided by the Seller through the site.

6.5.13 Payment for the products is considered to have been made when their equivalent value reaches the Seller.

6.5.14 The Seller does not bear any responsibility for the way in which third party payment service providers carry out their activity and process the information provided by the Client.


6.6. The Seller’s obligations

6.6.1 The Seller has the obligation to carry out the order made by the Client and confirmed by the Company, by ensuring the provision of the services purchased.

6.6.2 The Seller has the obligation to immediately inform the Buyer in the event of impediments in the provision of services.


6.7. The Buyer’s obligations

6.7.1 The Buyer is required to read and accept this section of the Terms and Conditions before placing an order. By placing the order, the Buyer declares that he / she has read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, as well as to the provisions of the Contract concluded between the Parties and made available to the Client before the completion of the order.

6.7.2 The Buyer has the obligation to pay the price of the ordered products, in one of the ways provided by the Seller.

6.7.3 The Buyer has the obligation to fill in the data of the order and invoicing form correctly and in accordance with the reality at the time of placing an order, the Seller having the possibility to refuse confirmation of an order placed, in accordance with the provisions of art. 6.3.5 letter (d).


6.8. Conducting lessons

6.8.1 ThBuyer will choose the way of conducting the lessons, respectively online or at the School located in Bucharest, Sector 6, Str. Drumul Sării, nr. 31.

6.8.2 After completing the purchase of the lesson subscription, the Buyer must schedule the lessons by contacting the School at the telephone number +40 722 249 540 or by e-mail at music4allschool@gmail.com. The appointments will be agreed by the Parties depending on the availability of the teacher.

6.8.3 The student must attend the scheduled lessons. If the Buyer is unable to attend the scheduled lesson, he / she has the obligation to cancel the appointment by contacting the School reception at the telephone number +40 722 249 540. The school will have the right to charge cancellation penalties according to the conditions established through the Contract concluded by the Parties.


7. Right of withdrawal

7.1 According to the Government’s Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on the rights of the consumer in contracts concluded with professionals, the Buyer benefits from a period of 14 days from the date of conclusion of the Contract to waive the provision of purchased services, without justifying its decision and without incurring costs other than those regarding the return, if applicable.

7.2 The Client will inform the School of his / her decision to withdraw by e-mail to the address <music4allschool@gmail.com>. If the withdrawal period is not observed, the Seller may refuse to apply the provisions on the right of withdrawal.

7.3 In the Customer’s notification to the Seller exercising his / her right to withdraw from the contract, the Customer must communicate the order number.

7.4 TP’s Arts Studio SRL will refund to the Buyer the amount received as payment from the Client, and in any case no later than 14 days from the date on which it was informed of the Client’s withdrawal decision. Amounts will be refunded using the same payment methods as those used by the Customer for the original transaction, unless the Buyer agrees to another method of payment.

7.5 If the Client has expressly requested that the provision of services take place as soon as the Contract has been concluded, in case of exercising the right of withdrawal the Client will pay to the School the value of the services already provided until the moment of withdrawal.

7.6 According to the law, the following are exempted from the right of withdrawal from the Contract:

  1. service contracts, after the services have been fully performed, if performance has begun with the consumer’s prior express consent and after the consumer has confirmed that he / she is aware that he / she will lose his / her right of withdrawal after full performance of the contract by the professional;
  2. the supply of products or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market which the professional cannot control and which may occur during the withdrawal period;
  3. the supply of products made according to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalised;
  4. the supply of products which are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
  5. the supply of sealed products which cannot be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed by the consumer;
  6. the supply of products which, after delivery, are, by their nature, inseparably mixed with other items;
  7. the supply of alcoholic beverages the price of which has been agreed at the time of the conclusion of the sales contract, the delivery of which cannot take place before 30 days and the actual value of which depends on fluctuations in the market over which the professional has no control;
  8. contracts where the consumer has specifically requested the professional to come to his / her home to carry out urgent repair or maintenance work. If, on the occasion of such a visit, the professional provides services other than those specifically requested by the consumer or supplies products other than spare parts which are essential for the performance of the maintenance or repair work, the right of withdrawal shall apply to those additional services or products;
  9. the supply of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed software which has been unsealed after delivery;
  10. the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines, with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications;
  11. contracts concluded under an invitation to tender;
  12. the provision of accommodation services, other than for residential purposes, transport of goods, car hire, catering or services relating to leisure activities, where the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance;
  13. the supply of digital content which is not delivered on a tangible support, if the performance has begun with the consumer’s express prior consent and after the consumer has confirmed that he / she is aware that he / she will lose his / her right of withdrawal.


8.Force majeure

8.1 Neither party will be liable for the non-performance of the contractual obligations if such non-performance is due to a force majeure event. Force majeure is an external, unpredictable event beyond the control of the parties and which cannot be avoided.

8.2 The parties will immediately inform you of the case of force majeure and will take all necessary measures to limit the consequences of the event.

8.3 If, within 15 days, the force majeure event does not end, the parties have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract without claiming damages.

8.4 The Parties agree that the COVID-19 epidemic is still a profoundly disruptive factor and that its development may be unforeseen, which is why they expressly agree that any impediments to the performance of the contract resulting from the pandemic are a force majeure event and exonerates the party prevented from performing the contract from any liability.


9. Applicable law

9.1 This contract is governed by Romanian law.

9.2 In case of disagreement or misunderstandings between Seller and Buyer, the Terms and Conditions valid at the time of placing the Order will apply.

9.3 In case of any conflicts between TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L and its Clients, their amicable settlement shall be attempted first. If an amicable settlement will not be possible, the dispute will be resolved in court, according to the Romanian laws in force.


10. Liability

10.1 The School shall only be liable for damages caused to the other party through its sole fault, in connection with the actual provision of the cultural-musical-educational services purchased.

10.2 The Student / the Student’s legal representative shall be liable for all torts committed by the Student and shall indemnify the School for any damage caused by the Student and for any income not realised as a result of the tort.

10.3 By creating the Account, visiting the Site, placing Orders, the Client/User expressly and unequivocally accepts the Terms and Conditions of the Site in the latest updated version that is communicated within the Site, existing either at the time of creating the Account, at the time of using the Content or at the time of placing the Order.

10.4 Subsequent to the creation of the Account, the use of or visit to the Site constitutes the acceptance of any changes to the Site Terms and Conditions and/or updated versions of the Site Terms and Conditions.

10.5 The Terms and Conditions of the Site may be modified at any time by TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L., and they shall be binding on Clients / Users from the date of posting on the Site. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Site is confirmed by ticking the appropriate check box on the Site, by submitting the Order, by making an online payment, by browsing the Site.

11. Processing of personal data and confidentiality

11.1 TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L. will maintain the confidentiality of information of any kind that the User provides. Disclosure of the information may be made only according to this Contract.

11.2 No public statement, promotion, communication or any other means of communication to third parties shall be made by the User with respect to this document without the prior written consent of TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L.

11.4 When the User creates his / her account on the Site, within the limits of the legislation in force, he  / she irrevocably and unlimitedly gives his / her consent for the information thus provided to be used by the marketing service of TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L. or by the external providers of this service for the performance of the concluded contract, including through its direct contact by third parties.

11.5 For more information on the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy please visit…….


12. The procedure for the settlement of complaints of TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L.

12.1. Any complaint from Buyers or Users will be sent to TP’s Arts Studio S.R.L at the email address <music4allschool@gmail.com>.

12.2 The Company will analyse the complaints made by Users or Buyers, and will send them an answer within 30 days from the time of notification.

12.3 The Company will try to settle the problems found and reported by Users or Buyers amicably, having the right to request from them supporting documents related to the complaints made.

13. Final provisions

13.1 In the event that Users or Buyers have a legitimate interest in the services or products provided by the Company, they have the right either to notify the National Authority for Consumer Protection or the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications or to address the competent courts according to the law.

13.2 The Buyer may also address the entity dealing with the alternative settlement of disputes, pursuant and according to the conditions of Ordinance no. 38/2015 on the alternative settlement of disputes between consumers and traders, respectively the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directorate within the National Authority for Consumer Protection.

13.3 The provisions of art. 24 of the Government’s Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals shall apply accordingly.

13.4 The Company may modify this section at any time, without informing the Users, publishing the date of the last update, the Users having the obligation to read and accept these “Terms and Conditions” when browsing the Site.

13.5 If any of the above clauses is found to be void or invalid, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses.

13.6. These terms and conditions represent the general framework applicable to the use of the Site, and the contractual relationship between the parties is governed by the Framework Agreement concluded remotely once the order is placed on the Site.


Music begins as an unknown foreign language, turns into dialogue through exercise, and eventually becomes a musical monologue that you create every time you touch the chosen instrument.

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